Last updated: 6/11/2022
MUD Client and Server Software for Linux, MacOS and Windows
Client Software
TinyFugue 5.0b8720 KB Download
Mudlet 3.1937.7 MB Download
Atlantis MB Download
Pueblo 2.61b1.9 MB Download
MUSHClient 4.943.6 MB Download
MUCK Client 3.351.1 MB Download

Server Software
SystemServer TypeFileSizeDownload
MOOLambdaMOO 1.8.1 + UTF-8 Support384 KB Download
MOOLambdaMOO 1.8.1364 KB Download
MOOWinMOO 0.1187 KB Download
MOOWinMOO 0.1 NT Service195 KB Download

MOOFile Utilties Package 1.817 KB Download

SystemServer TypeFileSizeDownload
MOOMinimal321 bytes Download
MOOLambdaCore2.3 MB Download
MOOLambdaCore2.6 MB Download
MOOJH-Core2.4 MB Download
MOOJH-Core2.6 MB Download
MOORPGCore2.2 MB Download
MOORPGCore2.3 MB Download

Centaur Databases
SystemServer TypeFileSizeDownload
MOOQuestCore2.2 MB Download
MOOQuestCore2.3 MB Download
MOOQuestCore 22.3 MB Download
MOOQuestCore 22.4 MB Download
MOOBlack Realm Item Expansion for QuestCore 233 KB Download
MOOSatyr 1.0 (Information)425 KB Download


QuestCore 1 Manual (20 KB)

QuestCore Script Examples (2 KB)

See also for a very extensive collection of software and documentation specific to MOO.

Other Server Software
SystemServer TypeFileSizeDownload
MUSHTinyMUSH 2.2.5559 KB Download
MUSHPennMUSH MB Download
MUSHPennMUSH MB Download
MUCKTinyMUCK 1.2120 KB Download
MUXMUX KB Download
TinyMUDTinyMUD 1.5.486 KB Download
SMAUGSMAUG 1.81.9 MB Download
ROMROM 2.4120 KB Download
ROMROM 2.4 Package1.2 MB Download
ROMROT 1.41.4 MB Download
SMAUG/ROMArea Editor 1.34891 KB Download
DikuMUDDikuMUD Alfa340 KB Download
DikuMUDDikuMUD Gamma298 KB Download
CircleMUDCircleMUD 3.53.7 MB Download
CircleMUDCircleMUD 2.01466 KB Download


The CircleMUD Builder's Manual (72 KB)

MUD Utilities
SystemServer TypeFileSizeDownload
N/AMUD Map332 KB Download
QuestCore2QuestCore Script Generator [Windows]176 KB Download
QuestCore2QuestCore Item Generator11 KB Download


QuestCore Item Generator Manual (14 KB)

SystemServer TypeFileSizeDownload
-Night Text Interpreter [v1.4]5 KB Download


Night Text Interpreter Manual (3 KB)